My Bloggies 2004 Nominations

I haven’t gotten around to putting together a blogroll, and yet I think it’s an obligation. But I think it’s hard to draw the line. It either becomes too short (only my absolute favorites), or too long (all the ones I like). Also, I tend to shift favorites every so often, so I’m never quite sure if a weblog is a temporary fling or something that I could file under “Recommended.”

But what I have done lately is to publish my list of feeds subscribed to at feeds.scripting.com.

And today I decided to submit my nominations to the 2004 Bloggies. Here they are:

  • Best Weblog Directory or Update Monitor: Technorati, because I have found many great weblogs by observing my cosmos.
  • Best British or Irish Weblog: Matt Webb’s Interconnected, which has remained one of my top favorites since I found it. Via Matt I have discovered many new interesting topics to read about. I hope he comes back online soon.
  • Best Canadian Weblog: s.norrie / weblog. Stephen has a knack for finding interesting articles on software development, and I find myself bookmarking each and every one.
  • Best American Weblog: Erik Benson. Erik’s interested in surprisingly many of the things I’m interested in.
  • In the category Best Photography of a Weblog, I have two nominees: Erik Wåhlström’s Daily; I don’t know if he calls it a weblog or photolog, but I like his photography a lot; Daily Copenhagen, Paul Petroniu Marza’s great photolog, which I sometimes try to imitate.
  • Best Group Weblog: Boing Boing. No surprises here.
  • Best New Weblog: Jay McCarthy’s makeoutcity.com. Jay covers a very large part of the blogosphere all by himself. Subscribing to him is essential.

I chose to not nominate any weblogs in Swedish. Although the rules doesn’t explicitly say that nominees should be in English, I assumed that this is the case. Anyway, the ones I would have nominated in the European category are Erik Stattin’s mymarkup.net and Håkan Kjellerstrand’s hakank.blogg.

Finally, my nominees are all weblogs that I think are great, and that match my interests to a great extent. I could list several great weblogs that I read, but which doesn’t, as often as those above, write about things I’m especially interested in.

Oh, and another weblog I love is Heckler & Coch, but it’s rather anonymous, so I don’t know which category to nominate it in.

The above was posted to my personal weblog on January 11, 2004. My name is Peter Lindberg and I am a thirtysomething software developer and dad living in Stockholm, Sweden. Here, you’ll find posts in English and Swedish about whatever happens to interest me for the moment.


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